Dedicated to serving and representing you, our family farm members, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative represents farms in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana through policy bargaining, dairy marketing services, laboratory testing opportunities and industry promotion.


FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative strives to provide all members a unified voice in dairy policy, strong marketing opportunities and valued member services through trusted first-hand industry involvement and leadership.

Our Roots

Established in 2013, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative collectively has a combined total of 220 years of rich heritage. We are not a new company by the experience we have, but a new company by what we offer our members. Bringing together three longstanding dairy cooperatives — Family Dairies USA Cooperative, Manitowoc Milk Producers Cooperative, and Milwaukee Cooperative Milk Producers — underscores a deeper commitment to the future of the dairy industry, out of which became FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. Together, the strength and dedication that built each of the three organizations will continue to support the members of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative for years to come.