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Established in 1971, Family Dairies USA has earned its reputation in the Midwest as being the premier dairy cooperative for delivering its supply of milk to markets in the surrounding area. Family Dairies ability to market its milk to a number of unique quality plants allows it to ship to all four classes of milk! This flexibility allows Family Dairies USA to provide a strong consistent pay price to its patrons.

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FarmFirst Transitions Annual District Member Meetings to Virtual Format

The FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative board of directors made the tough decision to move it’s district member meetings from 17 in-person meetings throughout its seven state membership region to a single-day virtual format due to concerns and uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual meeting will be on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

“Our cooperative’s district member meetings have always been a great opportunity for members to gather, enjoy a wonderful meal, receive updates on cooperative programs, services, and advocacy efforts, and speak directly with cooperative leaders,” says John Rettler, president of FarmFirst. “This decision was not easy because the board would like nothing more than to meet with our members, especially after the challenging year we’ve all experienced. While the experience will be much different this year, we hope that our members will take the time to join us virtually on December 2.”

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FarmFirst Disaster Benefit Pays Members Dealing with Derecho Aftermath

For farmers in Newhall, Iowa, they weren’t very familiar with the term ‘derecho’ and what kind of impact it could have on their dairy farming operations. However, on what was seemingly a typical August day, a few dairy farmers quickly realized the power and fury of a ‘derecho’ as their farms experienced unprecedented damage from the summer storm yielding peak wind speeds of over 110 mph.

Thanks to FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative’s disaster benefit program, cooperative members facing milk income loss on their dairy operations were able to receive some financial coverage from their loss through the cooperative’s program. Three FarmFirst members were directly impacted by the derecho on August 11 in Benton County, Iowa and in total received more than $40,000 for various damages negatively impacting their milk income.

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FarmFirst Joins Industry Leaders in AgTalks Town Hall

Opportunities and barriers for Wisconsin dairy exports were the focus of a recent AgTalks town hall. A growing middle class in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa provides opportunities for Wisconsin dairy exports. At the same time there are barriers such as geographical indications and trade agreements, said panelists representing the dairy industry.

“The opportunity is huge,” said Mulhern about U.S. dairy exports. “We’re among the most efficient milk-producing countries in the world and we have a strong processing industry. What we need to compete are trade agreements that level the playing field. There are so many barriers around the world. And until we have a level playing field, the European Union and New Zealand will generally have better tariff advantages. We don’t need any special advantages; we just need a level playing field.

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