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Class III Milk Futures Prices
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Undeniably Dairy.
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2018 Farm Bill Comparison Between House and Senate
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Statement on FDA to Prioritize Review of Standards of Identity for Dairy Products
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What to Know about Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance

Dairy Farmers for Dairy Farmers.

Established in 1971, Family Dairies USA has earned its reputation in the Midwest as being the premier dairy cooperative for delivering its supply of milk to markets in the surrounding area. Family Dairies ability to market its milk to a number of unique quality plants allows it to ship to all four classes of milk! This flexibility allows Family Dairies USA to provide a strong consistent pay price to its patrons.

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Statement on Defeat of the Lee Amendment to Block FDA Food Labeling Standards Enforcement

Consumers are being misled on the nutritional benefits of plant-based products, and it is affecting the health of children and potentially adults. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb recognizes this issue and understands the value in enforcing these standards before more harm is done.

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FarmFirst Applauds Dairy Innovation Program

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative applauds the U.S. Senate’s passage of the $7 million in funding for the Dairy Innovation Act. Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin introduced the legislation in June as a way to support dairy product innovation, develop new products and expand markets.

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Family Dairies USA Welcomes Deanna Malin

Family Dairies USA, the milk marketing division of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative, welcomes Deanna Malin to their team as a field representative.

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