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Statement on FDA to Prioritize Review of Standards of Identity for Dairy Products
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What to Know about Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance

It's always been about dairy producers and their cows.  
As it should be.

Established in 2013, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative was created out of a deep dairy heritage that always put members first. Today, that farmer focus remains. Whether it's verifying test results, offering leadership opportunities or keeping you up-to-date on legislative issues, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative works hard to provide quality service, fair representation and timely information for its members. We're member-owned. Member-driven. Member-focused. Because at the end of a long, hard day, what matters most are the people that are standing by you, and your farm.

We're there. That's FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative.

FarmFirst Statement on New Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico

Great progress has been made with this new agreement; not only has the Class 7 pricing scheme been eliminated, but greater market access has been granted for quality U.S. dairy products. Additionally, Canada maintains their supply management system, something that they felt strongly about. And Mexico continues to receive many of the high-quality cheeses and other dairy products they have come to appreciate from the U.S. It appears that everyone walks away from this trade agreement with something they wanted, and all will benefit in the end.

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FarmFirst Statement on FDA Request for Comments on Dairy Food Labeling

At a time when consumers want transparency when it comes to their food, it makes sense to return to the basics of food definitions, especially dairy products. Enforcing the true definition of dairy and its related terms of milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter is simple and straightforward. FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative’s message has been consistent and clear – that consumers deserve clarity in the dairy case of the grocery store.”

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FarmFirst Requests Stronger Support for Farmers, if Tariffs Persist

“We are disappointed in the small amount of assistance provided to dairy farmers in the dairy mitigation package, as it represents a fraction of the economic harm to dairy farmers,” says Jeff Lyon, General Manager of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. “Of course, our number one goal is to have trade restored and avoid any federal assistance at all. Until the retaliatory tariffs are suspended, dairy farmers will continue to suffer economic losses, which will continue to challenge many to stay in business.”

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