One of the top priorities of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative's member service side is test verification. What does this mean?

Long story short, the test verification aspect of the Federal Milk Marketing Order was developed to ensure that dairy farmers are paid properly for their milk. Years ago, in tough times for everyone, a few processing plants weren't honest about a producers components and volume, and paid them differently from the milk that was picked up from the farm.

Today, in modern times, processing plants are fair in their practices and work together with cooperatives. Our test verification service helps ensure that dairy producers are paid fairly and that milk weights, volumes and tests match across haulers and processors. In fact, there is another level of verification made on the federal order level, auditing the milk volumes and ensuring payments were made properly.

You may not have known that. But you should know that FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative is working to protect you and your farm by providing test and tank verification at the lab and farm levels.