There are many benefits to being a member of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. As a cooperative focused on offering the greatest value to its members, our members enjoy a variety of services and opportunities, including:

  • Test verification, ensuring member dairy farmers are being paid properly
  • Youth education and sponsorship opportunities
  • Assistance against loss, known as our Disaster Benefits Program
  • Scholarships and leadership development
  • Communication about cooperative & industry happenings
  • Dairy industry advocacy and promotion
  • Educational opportunities
  • Dairy marketing opportunities
  • Laboratory testing services

Members provide a voice to the organization through direct participation at events, such as member meetings and industry events. With the opportunity to discuss activities and programs, members have direct communication to cooperative leaders.

Assistance Against Loss

The member disaster benefit program is something we hope no member has to exercise, but it is there if needed. This includes coverage for lost milk income due to:

  • Loss of facilities
  • Snow clogged or flooded roadways
  • Electric power interruption
  • Cow lightning or electrocution loss

Contact a FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative representative to find out more on this disaster benefit program.

A Partner In The Industry

We work directly with policy makers in addition to a number of legislative and policy making organizations throughout the industry. These partnerships have proven valuable as we have effectively communicated with our legislative leaders what is most important to Midwest dairy farmers when it comes to dairy policy.

Through these relationships and effective communication, effective policy can be born.
To learn more about how we represent our members, visit Political Actions.

Working To Obtain a Better Price

Through our participation in Central Milk Producers Cooperative (CMPC) we are able to collectively negotiate and bargain with handlers in Federal Order #30 to set over order premium prices for Class I & II products above the minimums. This ensures an adequate supply of fluid milk for consumers and provides for orderly marketing to handlers.

CMPC's ability to work together to set premium prices maximizes your returns, providing you a higher premium.