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With a commitment to investing in youth, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative is proud to provide scholarships to several individuals pursuing higher education across the cooperative membership. Before filling in your information, please take note of a few materials you will need prior to submission.

You will need:

  • your response to the essay questions
  • your most recent transcripts (high school or college)
  • two letters of recommendation (which can be mailed/emailed separately)
  • confirmation of acceptance into post-secondary school (only high school students)
  • a digital photo of yourself for publicity purposes

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ESSAY (Please limit responses to 350 words or less for questions A – C, and 50 words or less for Question D.) Be sure to answer each part of the question.

A. Exports played a key role in 2014 as milk prices reached historic levels, but have declined due to a reduction in export opportunities. Trade agreements can be a precursor to greater opportunities—or greater competition. What value do trade agreements have and what is needed to improve milk prices?

B: The next Farm Bill is already being discussed as a new legislation will be considered for it in 2018, less than two years away. What are some key aspects that need to be changed and updated in this next Farm Bill in your opinion?

C: Dairy farmers face greater challenges from food consumers these days as information sources and simple facts become distorted in the marketplace. What role can the dairy industry and its members play to address these new challenges in our marketplace consumers.

D: In 50 words or less, what would you tell an urban consumer about dairy farming if they knew nothing about where their food came from?


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