Developing tomorrow's leaders begins today.
Join the Young Cooperator program and be an active part of the cooperative and industry's future.

YC Program Focus

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative is powered by its membership, and is dedicated to providing the leadership opportunities that will establish a bright, strong future for years to come. The focus of this program is to develop future cooperative leaders today. Members active in the Young Cooperator (YC) program will have the opportunity to participate in farm tours, plant tours, industry events, and educational sessions among many others.

Definition of a Young Cooperator

A young dairy producer, between the ages of 18 and 50, interested in getting more involved in the cooperative and industry through educational, social and leadership events.

Young Cooperator Leadership

The Young Cooperator program is led by a group of young members from across the cooperative's membership region that make up the Young Cooperator Steering Committee. The committee had also elected a chair and vice-chair as a way to organize the leadership responsibilities and help manage YC activities.

Committed to the grassroots foundation, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative has gathered member input from the inception of this program. The inspiration for a Young Cooperator program came from cooperative members, and cooperative members are continuing to lead the program. Members are encouraged to contact the steering committee members to learn more about the program and share ideas for future events.

Activities and Events

Currently, the Young Cooperator program has hosted several localized events focused on building relationships within the cooperative membership. A few key events are being planned on a cooperative-wide basis. To stay informed about these events and when they might be taking place, join our mailing list.

Joining the YC Program

Simply contact your field representative or call the office for more membership information. A membership form is included below, or you can simply click on the button on the right of this webpage to join the Young Cooperator mailing list.

Questions about the Young Cooperator Program?

Contact the Young Cooperator coordinator, Julie at our office by calling 608-286-1909 or email her. You may also contact the Steering Committee YC Chair, Janet Clark at 608-341-6709 and YC Vice-Chair, Mike Leahy, at 920-517-6241.