Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) Resource Page

On Tuesday, May 19, President Trump announced the details for direct payments being made to farmers under the Coronavirus Food Aid Program (CFAP). He shared that the enrollment will start only a week later, on May 26 at Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices with payments arriving a week later. 

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative is pleased to hear of the direct payments and in the amount of relief being provided, though more work is yet to be done. FarmFirst has been advocating on behalf of Midwest dairy farmers, urging that financial support must be made quickly as dairy farmers continue to do their best during these unprecedented times. As a representative for Midwest dairy farmers, FarmFirst will continue to ensure the concerns of dairy farmers are heard on Capitol Hill and will continue to advocate for meaningful relief measures. 

FarmFirst encourages dairy farmers to prepare and to apply for the direct payments available through the FSA. Here are additional resources to help dairy farmers learn more about the CFAP payments and how to best prepare:

FSA's Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) Website:

Watch a video on how to apply for CFAP Payment Calculator Preview:

Summary from Wolf, Stephenson and Novakovic on CFAP Direct Payments:

Dairy Herd Management's Article, 'Dairy Producers to Receive $6.20 per CWT in Aid Payments:

Information related to the Farmers to Families Food Box Program is available here:

FarmFirst members are encouraged to reach out to the office with questions related to the latest measures relating to COVID-19 being discussed for dairy farmers. Questions specific to their CFAP direct-payment application should be directed to their local FSA office.