FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative plays a proactive role in dairy policy and legislative issues. Whether it is working with Local and State elected officials or organizations with similar interests and dedication, we make sure that agriculture and our dairy producers have a voice. Of equal importance is our involvement at the Federal Government level where we strive to work with elected officials in the House of Representatives and Senate to provide input and support for dairy policies that matter to our dairy farmers.

Grassroots Leadership

While organizations such as FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative play a vital role in getting policy created and supporting or not supporting issues, it is critical that grass-roots contact is made by individuals across our region whenever possible. Contact us today with your story.

Valued Partnerships

We are also a member to several organizations, many of which have a long history of providing support and representing dairy farmers right here from the Midwest in various capacities. Several of them advocate on political matters that may affect future government programs and policies that may impact your farm. Others are actively engaged in sharing educational opportunities to ensure dairy farmers have the tools and resources they need to succeed in the years to come.

From actively promoting dairy products to sharing the good work of dairy farmers as stewards of the land and caretakers of their animals, we believe these organizations truly represent American dairy men and women, and have dairy's best interests at heart.