Investing in Agriculture
Investing in the future of agriculture begins by investing in our farms infrastructure.

FarmFirst recognizes the significance of these investments made on the farm and the cycle of business opportunity these purchases provide, which is why we fully support the permanent inclusion of the Section 179 Deduction.

Keeping Common Cheese Names Common
Quality dairy products come from around the world, including the U.S. which is why generic recognized names like parmesan, feta, asiago and Havarti shouldn't be limited to one specific area

FarmFirst does not support the concept of Geographic Indicators on products that cannot be supported by definitive market and development locations. We support trade agreements that represent fair trade and the ability to use common names in marketing dairy products.

Child Nutrition – Making the Most of It
Ensuring that great-tasting, nutrient-packed dairy beverages are available to school children in the U.S.

FarmFirst supports "The School Milk Nutrition Act of 2015" legislation. The goal of the legislation aims to allow schools to offer low fat (1%) flavored milk rather than only fat-free, expand milk offerings during other food offerings in school and provide a lactose free milk option to students needing this offering.

Margin Protection Program
Designed to protect dairy producers during low dairy margin price margins.

FarmFirst has achieved a number of producer enhancements to the program since its Farm Bill release. Improving premium payment options, requesting sign up extensions when appropriate and continuing to provide education on the program are a few. We continue to work on the Intergenerational Transfer provisions which will allow farm family operations to grow coverage with the addition of family members.

Maintaining International Market Access
With growing production, we need to look beyond our borders to find demand for our quality U.S. dairy products.

FarmFirst is supportive of trade opportunities that benefit dairy farmers, but also acknowledge currently with agreements like the TPP that considerably more market access must be obtained from Japan and Canada to consider this a benefit. With TTIP, we will not accept limitations to narrow the scope of trade opportunities by implementing market geographic indicators.

Federal Order Reform
Improving a valuable yet outdated system for both producers and processors.

FarmFirst recognizes some level of reform and consolidation is needed to improve the current system and is working with the industry to achieve the improvements necessary. Federal Orders have provided dairy market place functions to producers since the early 1930's and continue today to function in the interest of dairy farmers. Enhancements have been made to the orders over the years and as new market interest and measurable results become available, it becomes inherently important to change with these new opportunities.

Immigration Reform
Looking to secure a strong workforce for America's dairy producers.

FarmFirst recognizes the ongoing need in agriculture to have a stable and legal supply of workers to sustain and grow production and processing.  We support federal legislation that provides comprehensive immigration reform that includes starting with securing our borders.

Milk Residue Testing
Keeping unnecessary policies out of dairy shipping and hauling.

Ensuring a safe milk supply is top of mind for the industry and its producer members. FarmFirst wants to ensure that quality dairy products are available and that producers and processors efficiently and cost effectively are able to monitor their operations supply to the market place. Any pilot study should represent a science-based analytical approach to collate and incorporate relevant public data and information to assist with evaluating milk residue testing programs. Participating in the development of pilot study programs and communications ensures we put the producers and processors interest on the table.