FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative Commends Bipartisan Support for Farmer Relief, Applauds Dairy Farmers

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FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative commends our Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle for working together as they draft a bipartisan package to provide relief to all Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. FarmFirst would also like to extend its gratitude to those dedicated to keeping dairy’s supply chain going – processing plants, milk haulers, and especially dairy farmers – working through these uncertain times.

“Dairy farmers are proud to be able to provide wholesome and nutritious dairy products to consumers across the U.S. and beyond. This pandemic has not changed that commitment but it has already made it more challenging to keep supply chains running smoothly,” says John Rettler, dairy farmer from Neosho, Wis. and president of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. “2020 was supposed to the year to begin to recover from the past few… dairy farmers will need significant support to get through this, and they will need it right away.”

“We are extremely appreciative of this bipartisan relief package and the attention that agriculture received during this time of need and uncertainty. As an essential industry, this funding is essential to keeping their businesses operating,” says Lyon. “The measure creates a $9.5 billion coronavirus agricultural disaster fund that specifically includes livestock and dairy producers, as well as critical assistance to small businesses that are key to the entire dairy supply chain.”

“We look forward to Congress passing the Senate coronavirus relief package, and hopefully soon. Passage of this legislation will boost finances and restore confidence for farmers panicking about how they can manage through this pandemic,” says Lyon. “We encourage all Congressional leaders to continue to be receptive to new ideas that provide other means of support and relief to dairy farmers.”

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