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It was just over a year ago that Katie Ledecky did an unfathomable thing: balancing a glass of chocolate milk on top of her head while swimming the length of a pool – without spilling a single drop.
Her feat became a viral video, at the time when the Olympics would have been taking place in Tokyo had the coronavirus pandemic not intervened. And, once again this year, Ledecky made waves as she propelled herself to another two gold and two silver medals as she wraps up her Tokyo adventure.
While I am in complete awe of these athletes, especially the long-time participating Olympians like Ledecky that keep proving they are the greatest of all time, I am especially happy to see dairy getting unique mentions and special endorsements.
One detail of her training that deserves more coverage is when Ledecky was interviewed after earning a medal, she was asked what her workouts consisted of to help her be so successful. Her response? Milk with her oatmeal, peanut butter and fruit, and ending every race or workout with a 12-ounce bottle of chocolate milk.
Dairy endorsers in the recent Tokyo Olympic Games featured other athletes as well, including gold medal winning gymnast Simone Biles, who relies on Core Power, a whey-protein based beverage for her nutritional needs; gymnast Mykayla Skinner for chocolate milk as her choice for her workout recovery drink; beach volleyball player Bill Kolinske for promoting the consumption of all dairy products (a Wisconsin native that regularly promotes dairy as part of his everyday routine); and U.S. dairy industry idol, track runner Elle Purrier St. Pierre, a dairy farmer turned world track star promoting consumption of all dairy products, especially her local Vermont Cabot Creamery cheese.
Using world class athletes is a great way to promote dairy It doesn’t matter if they are paid endorsers of dairy. These athletes are sharing how dairy is an essential part of their routine and crucial to their success. And to an athlete like Ledecky, it’s been a part of her routine for more than a decade.
“I started drinking chocolate milk regularly for recovery when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I learned it has just the right ratio of protein to carbs, making it great for refueling and rebuilding muscle after training. So, I would pack a lunch bag with a bottle of chocolate milk and an ice pack and bring it to every practice and swim meet. It’s an essential part of my recovery routine, and I love the taste. I mean, who doesn’t?” says Ledecky in a special feature on her diet and recovery workout.
With comments like Ledecky’s being woven into the broadcasts and interviews following Olympic swim events, the message continues to be heard around the world: Dairy is a nutritional powerhouse.
Audiences of all ages hear this and are reminded that the most basic of beverages that families enjoy at their dinner table is exactly what athletes reach for too.
The Tokyo Olympics might be over, and hopefully the message about the importance of dairy will resonate, especially as students are headed back to school and fall sports will soon be in full swing.
Let’s continue to keep dairy front and center, for athletes and everyone else year around and not just when the Olympics are capturing our attention.
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