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Change is inevitable, and there is no opportunity for growth and progress without it. FarmFirst’s board of directors have made some changes recently in the best interest of the cooperative. We are proud to announce the appointment of Mick Homb as our General Manager. With his extensive expertise and proven track record, Mick is set to lead us into a future defined by growth, dedication, and success.

Mick is not new to FarmFirst. Serving as the Director of Milk Marketing for our Family Dairies USA division since 2019, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management within the cooperative. Over the past five years, he has navigated the complexities of milk hauling schedules, developed and maintained vital business relationships, and has ensured that milk from our producers has always had a place to be sold – even throughout Covid. Mick’s ability to navigate regulatory landscapes and optimize operational processes has been instrumental in ensuring our continued success.

Mick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role. With prior experience as a production manager at Dean Foods, he oversaw scheduling for entire processing plants, managed labor negotiations, managed payroll and implemented operational efficiencies. Mick’s extensive background in the dairy food industry further solidifies that he is a natural fit for the role of General Manager for FarmFirst.

“Mick’s demonstrated success and extensive management experience within the dairy food industry make him the natural choice to lead our cooperative,” remarked John Rettler, FarmFirst Board President. “We are excited about the positive direction he will lead us in and look forward to the invaluable contributions he will make to our organization.”

As Mick assumes his new role as General Manager, he will continue to fulfill his responsibilities as Director of Milk Marketing for Family Dairies USA. Meanwhile, the management of FarmFirst’s member services division will transition to Sarah Sarbacker. Sarah joined FarmFirst as the Director of Communications and Marketing in April of 2023. Prior to joining FarmFirst, she worked for Boviteq USA as the Client Services Supervisor for North America, and managed client service teams in both the US and Canada.

“Sarah’s management experience in the industry, her work in marketing and communications to increase our visibility and dedication in her time here at FarmFirst makes her the right fit for managing member services,” said Homb. “We are excited for her leadership going forward.”

At FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative, change is not just welcomed—it is celebrated. This change in leadership marks the beginning of a new chapter for our cooperative. A chapter characterized by collaboration, and a solid commitment to our members. As we embark on this exciting journey, let us come together in support of these changes and the bright future that lies ahead for our cooperative. Together, we will harness change as a catalyst for growth, and enduring success.

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