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It's always been about dairy producers and their cows.  
As it should be.

Established in 2013, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative was created out of a deep dairy heritage that always put members first. Today, that farmer focus remains. Whether it's verifying test results, offering leadership opportunities or keeping you up-to-date on legislative issues, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative works hard to provide quality service, fair representation and timely information for its members. We're member-owned. Member-driven. Member-focused. Because at the end of a long, hard day, what matters most are the people that are standing by you, and your farm.

We're there. That's FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative.

Directive Will Change How Livestock Producers Obtain Medicated Feeds

Amid concern over antibiotic resistance and in an effort to improve efficiency while protecting human and animal health, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making changes in its Veterinary Feed Directive program. They are amending regulations regarding drugs added to livestock feeds; the new rules go into effect Jan. 1.

“The new rule will limit medically important antimicrobial drugs to the treatment, control and prevention of disease,” said Michelle Arnold, veterinarian for the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “The rules don’t allow for claims of weight gain or feed efficiency.”

The rule also states that producers who use medically important antimicrobials will have to have veterinary oversight. “Because of this, many antibiotics delivered in feed currently considered over-the-counter will now require a veterinary feed directive (VFD),” Arnold said.

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Best Builds: Visitor center gives modern view of dairying

From schoolchildren to politicians, Vir-Clar Farms hosts a variety of groups looking to learn more about modern dairy production, and the addition of a new visitor center right on the dairy will take that experience to a whole new level.

Giving tours is just one of many responsibilities that falls on Katie (Boyke) Grinstead’s plate since returning home to join her parents, Gary and Rose Boyke, and brother J.R. Boyke on the family farm near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Her day-to-day responsibilities include everything from managing finances in the office to rolling up her sleeves to wash calf hutches, but the tours, she says, “That’s the fun part for me.”

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Milk Prices on the Rebound, Wildcards to Watch

Even though U.S. milk production surged 2.5% in October, shrinking production in other regions of the world and increasing global demand mean milk prices likely will improve significantly in 2017, say University of Wisconsin dairy economists Bob Crop and Mark Stephenson.

“If you look at the U.S., these kinds of numbers would be leading to softness not firmness,” says Stephenson. Twenty of the 23 major dairy states reported increased production in October. Even California, which had declining production for the previous 22 months, saw a 1.8% surge in output in October.

“But milk production is down in all major exporting countries"...

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