Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Farm First Coop-7705
John Rettler


Neosho, WI

Farm First Coop-7717
Steve Brock


Daggett, MI

Farm First Coop-7741
Stephanie Hughes


Pittsville, WI

Farm First Coop-7752
Bob Dietzel


East Dubuque, IL

Farm First Coop-7765
Kathy Bauer

Faribault, MN

Farm First Coop-7739
Wayne Gajewski

Athens, WI

Farm First Coop-7725
Jackie Holub

Boyd, WI

Farm First Coop-7709
Michelle Popp

Unity, WI

Mark Leichtfuss

Green Bay, WI

Farm First Coop-7762
Nathan Wiese

Rosendale, WI

Member Services

Farm First Coop-7616
Barb Grzywinski

Eden, WI


Farm First Coop-7680
Pat Yeagle

Winslow, IL


Farm First Coop-7685
Rick Wolfe

Aniwa, WI


Farm First Coop-7625
Abby Walker

Lancaster, WI


Office Staff

Heather 2023
Heather Feldbruegge

Staff Accountant

Madison, WI

Farm First Coop-7701
Mick Homb

General Manager/Director of Milk Marketing

Madison, WI

Farm First Coop-7636
Sarah Sarbacker

Director of Communications & Marketing

Madison, WI

Family Dairies USA

Farm First Coop-7701
Mick Homb

General Manager/Director of Milk Marketing

Madison, WI

Brandon Flasch
Brandon Flasch

Intake Assistant

Kewaskum, WI

Mike 2023
Michael Payne

Intake Plant Mgr

Kewaskum, WI

Farm First Coop-7663
Peter Larson

Milk Payroll Manager

Madison, WI

Farm First Coop-7654
Cheryl Zablocki-Wagner

Field Representative

Seymour, WI

Dayrl Winter
Daryl Winter

Intake Plant Assistant

Kewaskum, WI

Fox Valley Quality Control Lab

Cheryl H 2023
Cheryl Harrmann

Director of Lab Services

Toni 2023
Antoinette (Toni) Buhrow

Lab Analyst

Carissa 2023
Carissa Haase

Lab Assistant

Brianna 2023
Brianna Christensen

Lab Analyst


FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative
4001 Nakoosa Trail, Suite 100
Madison, WI 53714-1381

Toll-Free: 1-800-525-7704
Phone: 608-244-3373
Fax: 608-244-3643

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