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One of the primary responsibilities our field representatives here at FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative have is to verify our members' milk tests. Verifying test results means that our field representatives are receiving and reviewing your results on a regular basis to ensure that your components are consistent. Additionally, they work directly with farmers and serve as a liaison between the lab, plant and farmer for any issues or questions that arise related to test results.

Have any questions about your milk tests? Contact your field representative.

Farm First Coop-7616
Barb Grzywinski

Eden, WI

Farm First Coop-7685
Rick Wolfe

Aniwa, WI

Betty Lund
Betty Lund

Mondovi, WI

Farm First Coop-7680
Pat Yeagle

Winslow, IL

Farm First Coop-7625
Abby Walker

Lancaster, WI

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative prides itself on serving its members, through essential services as test verification and tank calibrations, and to address farmers concerns and questions. Our goal is to protect farmers' bottom line.

This directory below includes just a few of the labs FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative works. FarmFirst encourages all members to utilize their lab’s ability to email or text test results directly to members for the most efficient way to receive their test results.

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Fox Vally Quality Control Lab
Fox Valley Quality Control Lab

Where Quality Comes First.


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