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The Midwest’s Most Trusted Advocate for Dairy Farmers

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative grew out of a rich dairy heritage, based on grassroots leadership and representation that has always focused on serving its dairy farmers members. That focus remains, which is why members know that FarmFirst is their most trusted advocate, here at home and in Washington, D.C. FarmFirst maintains a continual presence on important ag issues, to ensure that the concerns and insight from Midwest dairy farmers are heard by Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.

Being an advocate for dairy farmers also means offering programs that best serve the needs of the cooperative members. Membership participation and feedback has helped establish all that the cooperative offers today. Our diverse listing of services is what makes FarmFirst stand out among the rest.

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FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative strives to provide all members a unified voice in dairy policy, strong marketing opportunities and valued member services through trusted first-hand industry involvement and leadership.


FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative delivers outstanding dairy marketing, milk testing, leadership, support and related services as an avenue to help members achieve their goals.



Commitment of Integrity

We are driven by a commitment of integrity – for our members and the industry as a whole.  We uphold ethics and commitments that build trust and rapport within the dairy industry and inspire others to share this accountability.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Based upon deep history, we work collaboratively with all members and industry influencers to advance industry accomplishments that will provide long-term success for our members.

Driven by Vision

We are committed to a forward-thinking attitude, learning from past experiences to inspire future accomplishments. We understand this vision encompasses multiple generations of dairy producers and leaders to seek wisdom to build opportunities for our youth, local communities, and future leaders so that the dairy industry of tomorrow may be greater than ever before.

Informed Decision Making

We strive to be progressive and current on all aspects of industry technology, dairy policies and marketing programs so that we may make the most informed decisions and recommendations for every cooperative member.

Passion-Based Expertise

We are passionate about the dairy industry and believe a vibrant future exists when we combine experiences, business knowledge, diverse needs and industry relationships together.


FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative
4001 Nakoosa Trail, Suite 100
Madison, WI 53714-1381

Toll-Free: 1-800-525-7704
Phone: 608-244-3373
Fax: 608-244-3643

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