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Introducing ARM Services, LLC...

ARM ServicesFarmFirst Dairy Cooperative would like to introduce ARM Services LLC as a new partner to the cooperative and its members. While risk management has always been an important strategy for every farm, this past year has made it inevitable. We strongly encourage members to learn more about risk management offered through ARM Services, LLC. Establishing this partnership will provide valuable resources to members through all communication channels in addition to connecting with experts in dairy risk management. 

ARM Services LLC is committed to providing Dairy, Crop and Farm insurance to the agriculture community with a focus on providing best in class insurance solutions.  We have separated ourselves from the rest of the industry with our research and analysis which helps our clients develop a competitive edge in the industry.

The seeds of ARM Services were started at Ag Risk Managers LLC a small family owned crop insurance business. The business now includes 12 full-time employees serving farms around the country. Our commitment to exceptional service and personal interaction, along with the loyalty of our clients, has helped ARM Services grow and diversify.

From our original roots as a crop insurance provider, we have expanded to include value-added agricultural services, automated production and acreage reporting capabilities, farm bill and FSA program analysis, as well as additional insurance products.

To reflect this expansion of our business capabilities, ARM Services LLC was formed in 2017. The commitment to our clients and the agricultural industry, has and will, remain the same. We regularly provide information and updates on ag industry legislation, markets, and developments, and we hold a daylong conference, with world class speakers, each year detailing what we see as some of the most pressing topics in the industry. We believe an informed consumer is a better protected consumer, and we strive to provide the best information and education possible.

Also, in 2017 ARM P&C LLC was formed, after multiple requests from our crop and dairy clients. ARM P&C was formed to provide high quality analysis and coverage of farm, property, and ag related commercial insurance policies.

Travis Glaser ARM ServicesLLC

Dairy Insurance products hold a special place in the history of our agency.  We sold, what is believed to be, one of the first, if not the first LGM dairy policy in 2008. We have since grown to insure producers using LGM and DRP in multiple states across the country. In 2010 we started our never-ending study of the dairy markets and the programs provided by the Risk Management Agency (RMA).

We believe it is important for producers to understand what they are buying and how it works. ARM Services has a well-developed study and marketing plan that has proven to put our dairy producers above the rest. If you would like to meet with us, we will listen to your needs, and answer your questions. We look forward to starting a relationship with you.

Learn more by visiting www.armservices.com or call Travis Glaser at 715-456-5607. 


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