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Virtual Policy Development Session

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative encourages members to sign up for its Virtual Policy Session set for Tuesday, December 12 at 12:00 p.m. Members eager to learn more about policy initiatives and discuss potential legislative reforms are encouraged to attend this virtual session.

“Policy reform is a foundational piece to FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. While policy priorities and accomplishments are shared at the cooperative’s Member Appreciation Dinners, FarmFirst hopes to engage with members that are very passionate about policy reforms and interested in new industry initiatives,” says Jeff Lyon, FarmFirst General Manager. “We hope this virtual policy session will serve as a welcome atmosphere for ideas to be shared while answering questions regarding how current policies and programs work.”

Members will be able to submit their topics of interest and policy questions ahead of the virtual session. During the virtual session, FarmFirst Districting & Resolution Committee members along with General Manager Jeff Lyon will begin the session by highlighting the cooperative’s priority issues and then address individual policy inquiries and suggestions.

Paul Beliberg, National Milk Producers Federation Executive Vice President of Government Relations will join us and present a political and dairy policy update for participants.

“The level of detail that often is associated with dairy policy can be quite extensive, especially when it comes to making changes to existing legislation or federal programs,” says Lyon. “We hope this virtual session serves as the first step to raising greater awareness of various policies and programs while also initiating improvement to them. Hosting this session virtually also allows for all members, regardless of their location, to join in the discussion. As a cooperative dedicated to grassroots leadership, this is one of the best ways to get involved.”

To register for the December 12 virtual session, FarmFirst members are encouraged to sign up here.


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